Feel Confident About Your Skin On And Off Digital Screens

Over a year into the pandemic and we continue to spend significantly more time video conferencing than ever before. This has created a “Zoom Effect” where many men and women are feeling self-conscious about their virtual appearance. While the MBK brand believes that beauty comes from within and that we must celebrate our natural beauty, we also understand this side effect of increased screen time. Here’s how to enhance your natural beauty on and off screens.

Turn Off Your Camera

Some of the benefits of self view while on Zoom are that you can ensure that your background is positioned properly, that there’s no glare from a nearby window, and that you can adjust the angle and position of your camera to make you look and feel your most confident.

However, we’ve never spent so much time looking at ourselves, watching ourselves as we speak, or viewing our posture and facial expressions. If this is too distracting, simply turn off self view so that you can be your natural self.

Simply right click on the top right of your video screen and click on the “Hide Self View” in the dropdown menu. Maybe turn it on to ensure you like your background and camera position, then turn it off.

Camera And Camera Angle And Height

If you don’t look like yourself on screen, it’s likely your camera, camera angle, or camera height. If you have more than one laptop or computer, try Zooming on another one to see if you look more like you. Generally, older cameras can make your face look shorter or wider which may be what is making you feel self-conscious. The tips in the Lighting and Background section below can help.

Also, experiment with how close your face is to the screen and the angle and height of your camera. The most flattering angle and height are typically straight on or an inch or so above you with the camera angled a bit downward. 

Improving Lighting And Overall Background

We don’t all have home offices and with the entire family home, you may be video conferencing in a variety of locations, not all of which have the ideal lighting or background. Lighting alone may be why your skin doesn’t look its best. However, a cluttered background can also leave you feeling self-conscious.

Adjusting the settings will help, which you can do solo before your Zoom calls. Go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the gearshift icon, then experiment with the below settings:

  • Test a few digital backgrounds, both for privacy and to ensure a bright and flattering background. Just go to “Backgrounds and Filters” to choose from an existing background or upload your own.
  • An HD view will be more flattering if your face looks shorter or wider on screen. Click “Video” and check the “HD” box under the “Camera” section.
  • After turning HD on, experiment with the three options in the “My Video” section.
    • Checking the “Mirror My Screen” will ensure that if you turn your head right, you will see your head moving right instead of left.
    • Checking the “Touch Up My Appearance” and sliding the scale will minimize shadows cast by low lighting and even out your skin tone while maintaining your natural beauty.
    • Checking the “Adjust For Low Light” will brighten lighting if you are in a dark room.

Transition To A Natural And Skin-Specific Skincare Routine


As you can see, most of the fixes to your digital appearance are technical! To bring out your natural beauty, it’s time to transition to a natural skincare routine with products designed for your specific skin care needs. This includes products designed to address skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dehydrated skin, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, slowing the natural aging process, and more.

Also, commit to a personalized skincare routine. You aren’t alone if you’ve been using the same skincare products for years, or primarily shop the latest trends you see on TV and in magazines. Unfortunately, these products are generic, not personalized. For example, if your digital screen time has you noticing your enlarged pores more than before, regular exfoliation can rapidly make your pores look smaller.  

Methode Brigitte Kettner has full skincare collections to address your individual needs. If you aren’t sure which products to select, just email us with your skin concerns and we can suggest a personalized daily and weekly regimen.

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