Glowing Skin In 5 Steps

Glowing skin is one of the top skincare and beauty trends. Even if your makeup routine is barely there you can turn to the steps below to make your skin naturally glow.


#1 Makeup Can Give You An Instant Glow


Achieving a natural glow takes time, so turn to makeup for an instant glow. Your top two choices are adding a few drops of luminizer to your foundation or tinted moisturizer. Luminizer has miniature light-reflecting particles that make your skin glow. Your second option is to utilize foundation, powder, or a finishing spray that contains glow-enhancing light-reflecting particles.


#2 Exfoliate


If you haven't yet, it’s time to add exfoliation to your weekly skincare routine. This will slough away the dead skin cells that are slow to shed due to the makeup, moisturizer, and serum you apply to your face each day. Your skin will instantly feel smoother, and with regular exfoliation your natural glow will return.


Choose from granular exfoliators, exfoliating masks, or gentle wash-off or leave-on chemical exfoliators. Also consider at-home exfoliating devices, such as the MBK Ultrasonic Spatula. This multi-purpose skincare device:


  • Deep cleanses
  • Exfoliates
  • Extracts impurities
  • Delivers gentle ultrasonic vibrations
  • Massages your skin
  • Delivers positive and negative ions
  • And more!


#3 Nourish And Moisturize


Ever wonder if you really need both a serum and a moisturizer? Serums nourish your skin with active ingredients, essential vitamins and nutrients. They are thinner products that penetrate your pores, but serums do not moisturize. Moisturizers are thicker creams that also contain skin-healthy vitamins. However, they don’t penetrate your pores as well as serums, and their primary role is to restore the moisture lost while cleansing your face. Within weeks of adding a serum to your AM and PM skincare routine, you’ll begin to see a natural glow.


#4 Hydrate Your Body


Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s nourished in part by the water you drink. If you are internally dehydrated your skin will look dull instead of dewy, as your skin isn’t getting enough water or the essential nutrients it delivers. Begin by kicking your water intake up a notch, while minimizing caffeine and alcohol. Eating 3 servings of Omega fatty acids each week will also hydrate your body from the inside out. Sources of Omegas include walnuts, avocado, and salmon.


Don’t forget external factors that can dehydrate your skin such as the weather, air, and environment. For example, if your air conditioning vent blows directly on your face your skin can become dehydrated.


#5 Massage Your Face


Another way to increase circulation to deliver nutrients to your skin is with facial massage. This includes the massage you receive during a spa facial, but for best results—practice self-massage at home. You can massage your face with a silicone cleansing brush, facial roller, or use your fingers to gently tap and massage your face. Regular massage can also stimulate natural collagen production which is essential for anti-aging. Massage your face 2 to 3 days a week for best results.


Consistency is key to maintaining your natural glow, so personalize your skincare routine with the tips above and stick with it!

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