Lip Treatment Using The Eye Rejuvenator

Don’t let the name fool you, as the Eye Rejuvenator is a multi-purpose device that you can use on your undereye, eyelids, jowl, upper lip, lower lip, and directly on your lips. We talk a lot about the fine lines around our eyes, but our lips get fine lines too. Also, as we age the decreased production of collagen and elastin can make our lips look thinner and smaller. The Eye Rejuvenator can help!

What Is The Eye Rejuvenator?

As with all Method Brigitte Kettner devices, the Eye Rejuvenator utilizes scientifically-proven technology for anti-aging and age reversal benefits. Our low-grade microcurrent technology essentially “works out” your facial muscles. The microcurrents are delivered through a titanium tip that warms to your skin’s temperature. The treatment feels warm and soothing and is 100% painless.

A single treatment increases blood circulation, which can minimize puffiness, mildly smooth fine lines, and decrease the appearance of dark circles under the eye. With consistent use, the natural production of collagen is increased, treatment areas tighten and firm, and the nutrients in the pre-application serum deeply penetrate your pores for both preventative anti-aging and corrective age reversal.

How To Use The Eye Rejuvenator For Your Lips?

Another benefit of increased circulation is a slight and natural plumping of your lips. So, if your lips are naturally thin and flat or are thinning as you age, it’s a chemical-free and non-invasive way to make your lips look fuller. With consistent use, you can boost the natural production of collagen for further plumping.

Simply apply an eye or lip serum, then gently glide the titanium tip over your upper and lower lip for 60 to 90 seconds each. Rinse the serum off when done or keep it on and apply your preferred lip products.

Use daily for the first 2 to 4 weeks, then you can taper down to 2 to 4 days per week.

How To Use The Eye Rejuvenator For Your Upper and Lower Lips?

Ultra-fine lines can form on your upper and lower lip, and laugh lines are inevitable as we age. Larger devices may work wonders on other areas of your face, but they are typically too large to effectively target and treat the area surrounding your lips. With the rounded titanium tip, you can easily treat your upper and lower lips, lip line, and laugh lines.

Apply your preferred eye or facial serum and use as directed above—daily for 60 to 90 seconds on each treatment area. Be sure to hold your thumb on the conductor plate the entire time.

The same process can be used on the jowl line. Click here for a quick video tutorial.

Ideal For At-Home Or Spa Use

MBK’s skincare devices are esthetician-grade products. As long as they are used as directed, they are safe and effective to use at home. Many estheticians use the Eye Rejuvenator during their facials and their clients love it so much that they want one to use at home in between spa visits—making it an ideal retail item. We invite you to view our full line of professional skincare devices here!


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