Self-Care Tips That Will Positively Impact Your Skin

Making time for self-care can provide balance, reduce stress, and positively impact your skin. Here are just a few lifestyle changes that will deliver a variety of whole-body health benefits, all of which are easy to implement.

Hydrate Your Body

When it comes to scientific research, there isn’t much that speaks to water consumption and beautiful skin. However, water plays a vital role in flushing toxins from our body, hydrating our internal organs, maintaining proper internal function, and delivering nutrients to the skin by improving blood flow.

Spring and artisanal water contain the most nutrients, including electrolytes and a variety of essential minerals. You can also hydrate your body from the inside out with Omega 3, 6, and 9 which you can take in supplement form or by adding more avocado, walnuts, and salmon to your diet. We go into the importance of internal and external hydration in more detail in this blog post.

Prioritize Sleep

We’ve all woken up after a sleepless night and looked in the mirror only to be disappointed by what we see. This might be any combination of swollen and puffy eyes, dark undereye circles, bloodshot eyes, pale skin, acne, or redness. A quick face massage, eye treatment, and concealer can minimize these symptoms—and if you’re short on sleep on occasion the long-term impact is likely to be minor.

However, sleep is when our body naturally heals and repairs, so if you regularly get less than 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night it will contribute to premature aging—including the rate at which you develop fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Not to mention, decreased immunity, increased irritability, and fatigue.

Create A PM Routine

Creating a PM routine can benefit your mind, body, and spirit in a variety of ways. Remember, your skin is your body’s largest organ and if you’re stressed out, aren’t sleeping well, or aren’t making enough time for balance and self-care, it will show. Here are a few tips for creating a soothing PM routine.

  • Unplug at least 1 hour before bed.
  • If you are going to read an eBook before bed, put on blue light glasses.
  • No news or reading or watching anything violent or stressful 2 hours before bed.
  • Do a PM yoga or stretch routine to release the tension of the day.
  • Gratitude journal, writing down 1 to 10 of the best things that happened that day.
  • Wash away the daily oil, sweat, and grime with a PM shower or Epsom salt bath.
  • Wash your face to remove makeup and prime your skin for your anti-aging serum and moisturizer.
  • Listen to sounds of nature, instrumental music, ASMR, a sleep story, or guided meditation in bed.
  • Upgrade your mattress, pillows, and sheets to ensure your bed is comfortable.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Whether it’s a massage or a spa package, pampering yourself provides a well-deserved break from the daily grind. If you only have time for a massage, ask to add on a 10 minute face massage to improve circulation and release the tension in your face. For best results, schedule a custom facial to deep clean and treat your individual skincare concerns. You’ll walk out of the spa looking refreshed and feeling relaxed.

We often argue that we don’t have the time for self-care in our busy schedules, but self-care provides the balance required to maintain your health from the inside out.



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