Skincare Travel Tips For Summer

Summer is here meaning you may have a vacation or two planned. So, in addition to changing your skincare routine for summer, you will need to create a travel-friendly skincare routine. The tips below will keep your skin looking its best while living out of a suitcase.

#1 Travel-Sized Face Mist

Even if you don’t use face mists year-round, they are excellent while on vacation. If you will be traveling somewhere warm, invest in a couple of travel-sized mists, and keep one in the hotel or Airbnb refrigerator.

Use face mists to:

  • Refresh your makeup after a long flight.
  • Minimize oil.
  • Cool down at or after the beach.
  • Prime your skin before applying makeup.
  • Set makeup.
  • Prime your skin before reapplying sunscreen.
  • Prime your skin before applying facial moisturizer mid-flight.

#2 Be Cautions About Using Hotel Product Samples On Your Face

While hotel skincare and beauty products are cute and fun to sample, they shouldn’t always be used on your face. Most hotel products are designed for your body, meaning they aren’t non-comedogenic. They are often made from inexpensive synthetic ingredients, meaning they may also dry or irritate your skin or hair. TIP: Aside from maybe the bar soap, bring your own skincare and beauty products with you.

#3 Maintain A Similar Skincare Routine

As to not irritate your skin, your travel skincare routine should be similar to your current routine. If you’ll be flying, you must comply with the 3.4 oz bottle rules and just a 1-liter bag per person. With the right travel-sized containers, you should be able to bring most of your makeup and skincare essentials with you. For short trips, maximize your 1-liter bag by investing in travel bottles and jars that aren’t a full 3.4 ounces.

Since the containers are likely to look the same, be sure to label them with a sharpie or label maker. If you wear a lot of makeup, pack your non-liquid, gel, and aerosol products in a separate makeup bag. If all of your liquid, gel, and aerosol products won’t fit, prioritize products you can’t purchase upon arrival. For example, invest in the MBK Travel Kit or portion your daily skincare essentials into smaller containers, but purchase toothpaste, hair products, and body wash when you arrive.

For longer trips, or if you’ll be checking a bag, check some of your skincare and beauty products. Be sure to seal them in a zip-top bag just in case. Purchase products such as body sunscreen when you arrive as you’ll likely need more than a travel-sized container.

#4 Make Weather Appropriate Skincare Product Changes

If you haven’t switched to a lighter AM and PM moisturizer for summer, make the switch during your vacation. This is in addition to the broad-spectrum facial sunscreen that you will apply to your face after you apply your morning moisturizer. Apply facial and full-body sunscreen every 4 hours. Also, bring an SPF lip balm with you.

You may prefer to wear lighter or minimal makeup when on vacation or when you are somewhere hot. Tinted moisturizers are ideal for warm-weather vacations as they provide SPF protection and light coverage. Since you won’t be wearing as much makeup, you may prefer a foaming cleanser instead of a heavier cleansing cream.

#5 Bring Your Portable Skincare Devices With You

There’s no need to leave your portable skincare devices at home as they won’t take up much room in your suitcase. Devices such as your Jade Roller and Eye Rejuvenator can be a lifesaver on mornings that you’ve stayed out a bit too late or are dehydrated from vacation cocktails. If not a device, a Soothing Eye Mask.

With the growing trend in extended and working vacations, you can continue your Microdermabrasion, Cleansing & Toning and Body Contouring while out of town.

If you spent a lot of time in the sun during your vacation, kick your Anti-Aging Routine up a notch upon return to help your skin repair from any UV damage.
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