Why European Beauty Brands And Skincare Treatments Are On The Rise

While beauty goals are largely aligned around the world, skincare products and the approach to anti-aging varies greatly from one region to the next. Here is a closer look at why German beauty brands like Methode Brigitte Kettner are growing in popularity.

Trendy Isn’t The Goal

Generally, US skincare products are designed to keep up with the latest trends including the current “it” ingredients. Just look in your beauty cabinet and you are likely to find a variety of products you gave up on because they didn’t deliver. Trends should be left to fashion and makeup, but shouldn’t factor into your skincare product decisions.

In comparison, European skincare brands focus more on delivering visible results to provide you with long-term solutions. When you invest in a product you can expect to see and feel results, and you are far more likely to use the product—and purchase it again. This means far less product rotation and new product testing because when you find what works you stick with it.

A Scientific Approach

Many European and German beauty brands are formulated by doctors and scientists, not catch-all beauty brands. Yes, US brands hire chemists and perform their own tests, but again, the goal is in chasing trends. In Europe, quality and results are the goals so products are designed to be true beauty solutions. MBK Skincare is designed by a well-known German biologist and skincare specialist Brigitte Kettner. Her motto is:

“Facts are what count in skin research, but in skincare, it’s the visible results that matter.”

MBK Skincare has product lines that are designed to be used together and address specific skin concerns. For example, if you have red skin, eczema, or premature neck lines—you are clearly guided to which product addresses your individual needs. As you age your skin changes, so there is a product line for every stage of anti-aging.

Quality Ingredients

Of the over 40,000 common skincare product ingredients, the US has banned 11—while Europe has banned over 1,300. Yes, European products are still made in a lab, but German companies favor quality over cheap synthetic ingredients. This means you are less likely to have an allergic reaction to new products and that you can shop with the confidence that nothing unnecessary is being applied to your skin.

A Holistic Approach

In addition to cleansers, moisturizers, and serums for your face, neck, and eyes, European brands deliver beauty tools that accelerate beauty results. From deep cleansing to microcurrent technology, ultrasound, LED light therapy, and safe and easy at-home microdermabrasion. This holistic approach ignites your body’s natural anti-aging and healing abilities, which slow as we age. Many salons and spas offer this same technology but MBK Skincare makes them accessible to the everyday woman. You can still head to the salon or spa, or purchase these devices for your salon or spa, but they are accessible to everyone.

If your current products aren’t working we invite you to browse the MBK Skincare product lines. There is something for every age and stage of beauty and our quality is uncompromised! 

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