Are You Making These Skincare Routine Mistakes?

If you have tried everything to resolve your skincare concerns, but have had little to no success you may be making one of the common mistakes below. Each mistake is fast and easy to fix, and you can begin today!

Skipping The Daily Essential Steps

We must all personalize our skincare, which we discuss more below, but everyone needs to at least:

  1. Wash with gentle water or oil-based cleanser both AM and PM.
  2. Apply toner after washing your face, followed by serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and optional makeup.
  3. Applying an eye serum and moisturizer designed specifically for the thinner skin around your eyes.

Layering Products Too Quickly

Mornings are busy, but we must take the time to allow each of our skincare products to absorb into our skin before we layer the next one on. This means, applying toner within a minute or two of showering or washing your face and applying a serum about 1 minute later. Then wait 2 to 3 minutes between applying your serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and your first layer of makeup. Otherwise, the products will blend and you won’t experience their full skincare benefits.

Over Or Under Exfoliation

Although our skin self-exfoliates, oil, sweat, makeup, and skincare products clog our pores and slow this natural process. So, we must use a gentle chemical or granular exfoliator or exfoliating skincare device 2 to 3 times per month. Your skin should not be red or inflamed after exfoliation and exfoliation should never hurt. If your product causes pain, identify a gentle alternative.

Washing Contact Surfaces

It’s a step many of us skip, but you should wash your makeup brushes and foundation sponge every 7 to 10 days. Use a gentle cleanser designed for beauty tools or an all-natural infant-safe cleanser. Lay them flat after washing to ensure they dry thoroughly.

Also, wash your pillowcase once per week and wipe down your phone with an electronics-safe wipe as often as once per day, depending on how often you use your phone to talk instead of text.

Picking At Blemishes

It’s tempting when you wake up with a new pimple or two but leave them alone. Picking will increase inflammation and the risk of scarring. Weekly exfoliation and washing your beauty tools and phone may help, but it may be time to switch to a professional skin care line to gently address your acne.

Buying Trending Products Only

Quality is key when selecting your skincare products as they sit on your face all day long. While the latest beauty fads are fun and creative marketing is enticing, focus on your individual needs. Identify a skincare brand that is naturally derived, has ingredients backed by scientific research, and customizable product lines.

An ideal skincare brand will take you from your 20s to your 70s and beyond. While they may have age-specific lines, they should also have a large enough range of products to address individual skincare concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, inflammation, anti-aging, and more.

Just as with your skincare products, the quality of your makeup matters too.

Reaching Out For Professional Help

There’s no need to go it alone! If you have read all the information you can find online and have switched skincare products without luck—it’s time to reach out to a skincare professional. This might be a dermatologist, esthetician, or both. While ongoing treatment may be required, they will advise on the changes you should make to your daily and weekly skincare routine.

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Skincare Routine

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