How Do I Choose Skincare Devices?

Whether for at-home or professional use, skincare devices are an investment. The last thing you want to do is purchase a device that doesn’t deliver the desired results. Since you can’t test a device until you purchase it, these questions will help you narrow down your options.


What Is Their Brand Reputation?


Begin with the brand’s reputation. This includes their online reviews, YouTube videos, and direct client testimonials. If a brand prioritizes quality and results, they won’t move forward with a device without ensuring it lives up to their high standards. When it comes to spa-quality tools, pay particular attention to what estheticians have to say. Not only have they tested a variety of products over the years, but their reputation rides on the products they endorse.


Are Results Backed By Research?


Both the tool features and the individual tool should be backed by scientific research. In this case, what multiple clients’ skin looks like before and after use. For most devices, this will be after several weeks or months of treatment. Also, how comfortable the treatment feels.


The team at Method Brigitte Kettner keeps a close eye on the gentle and effective skincare techniques tested around the world. As a German skincare brand, trends aren’t on our radar, only techniques with proven results. When we identify a technique that delivers, we consider how it can be integrated into our product line. This includes testing the current devices on the market and speaking with estheticians to see what they do and don’t like about their current options. If we find that a technique is the right fit, we get to work on a design—that is tested in-house and by trusted skincare professionals before we make it available to you.


How Easy Is It To Contact Customer Service?


A commitment to customer service should be visible from the moment you visit a beauty device’s website page. The page should have enough detail to answer your most pressing questions, not just a buzzword-filled product description. There should also be at least one video to highlight its features and how it’s used, and online access to their user manuals.


The brand you choose should have an easy-to-access customer service department that responds rapidly when questions or concerns arise. To reach the MBK Skincare team you can call Laura Porter directly at317-840-8233 or email her at You can also fill out this online form


Do They Offer A Warranty?


We are so confident in our results, that Methode Brigitte Kettner offers a 2-Year Warranty on our handheld devices. If your device has any defects in materials or workmanship, we will replace it with the same item free of charge. If the device has been upgraded or is no longer available, we will replace it with a comparable alternative. Warranties are only available to the original purchasing party.


We invite you to browse MBK’s skincare devices. While designed with spa professionals in mind, each of our devices is safe, gentle, and easy enough for at-home use.


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