Introducing the Radio Frequency Facial Device

You asked for it because your clients are asking for it—and we delivered! We are excited to announce Methode Brigette Kettner’s Radio Frequency facial device. It’s commercial-grade, wireless, and lasts up to 4 hours when fully charged. While equally effective, it costs significantly less than most commercial RF devices.

What Is Radio Frequency?

If your clients are asking for a FORMA facial or an RF facial, they are asking about radio frequency. RF is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to heat the dermal layers of skin. By stimulating these deep layers of skin, collagen shrinks and regenerates. This new collagen production can improve the thickness and elasticity of the skin, providing a variety of anti-aging and aesthetic benefits.

RF is painless and often compared to a soothing hot stone massage. Our Radio Frequency device heats to between 113 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and simultaneously delivers infrared 880nm for optimal rejuvenation.

What Are The Benefits Of Radio Frequency?

You may already provide a variety of antiaging options, so you may be wondering what RF has to offer. Results vary but can be significant. For some clients, it can drastically reduces fine lines, deep wrinkles, neck creases, sagging skin, and sagging jowls. For others, the results are minimal and proactive.

For most, the objective is to:

  • Tighten and lift loose skin to contour the face.
  • Activate cells, promoting blood circulation, and metabolism.
  • Improve micro-circulation, keeping skin smooth, elastic, and hydrated.
  • Improve the penetration of skincare products.


How To Incorporate Radio Frequency?

Some clients prefer a Radio Frequency-only facial. This is a skincare treatment completed on a cleansed face with a conductive gel, such as an ultrasound gel. You will apply for a minimum of 3 minutes to each area of the face, then move on to the next area.

You can also upsell radio frequency as an add-on to your facials that include steam and masks to treat troubled areas. 

For best results, clients will require between 3 to 6 treatments—at least once per week, no more than 3 times per week. Then, they can move on to monthly or quarterly maintenance.

What Does Radio Frequency Cost?

Now, let’s get down to business!

Most estheticians charge around $600 per treatment, with pro-rated packages for 3 to 8 treatments. With our budget-friendly price, you can offer a far more competitive rate.

What Makes Our Device Better?

In addition to our budget-friendly price point, our device:

  • Is cordless making it easier to use in the spa and an option for mobile estheticians.
  • Integrates infrared light to optimize its skincare benefits.
  • Has multi-point probes, instead of a singular surface, to effectively rejuvenate skin.
  • Provides Low, Medium, and High level/heat settings.
  • Has an inductive and energy-efficient design, that only activates the treatment probes when it’s in contact with skin.
  • Stays charged for 3 to 4 hours and has “charging” and “fully charged” indicator lights.

What If A Client Wants Full-Body RF?

We have a device for that too! The MBK Curve is a multi-modality face, neck, and body toning device. It provides Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Biomechanical Vibration, and Red LED Light. Read more here.


Have More Questions?

If you would like to learn more about RF or any of our other devices, just ask!
Collagen Radio Frequency RF

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