Is It A Good Idea To Use A Washcloth In Your Skincare Routine?

Over the years, washcloths have been replaced with loofahs so you may not use one daily. While you may prefer a loofah from the neck down, consider washing your face with a washcloth or cleansing brush instead of just your hands. Here’s why.


Why Use A Washcloth On Your Face?

Even if you wash your face every morning and evening, cleanser alone may not be enough to cleanse your skin. This is especially true if you wear makeup. For example, if you apply toner on a cotton round after you wash your face you may notice that a bit more makeup is removed—especially along the hairline. Even if not much makeup or oil is left behind, what is left can clog your pores.


By washing with a washcloth, you ensure that all makeup, oil, and daily grime are removed. This might mean that you only use washcloths in the evening and just your hands in the morning.  


Does A Washcloth Exfoliate Your Face?

Yes! Another benefit of using a washcloth is that they gently exfoliate. There are countless ways to exfoliate your face, but a washcloth is an easy one. As with all exfoliators, you don’t need to scrub hard. The fibers of the cloth wash and exfoliate at the same time leaving your face clean and smooth.


Generally speaking, you should exfoliate 1 to 3 times a week. However, a washcloth is gentle enough to use daily. You can still use your preferred exfoliation products and tools, but since your washcloth is sloughing away any excess dead skin daily—you’ll only need deeper exfoliation once a week.


How To Use A Washcloth To Wash Your Face?

Any washcloth will work, including those that came with your towel set. However, you may prefer to use a microfiber facial washcloth or washable cotton rounds.


Follow the steps below:


  1. Wet your face and gently massage in your facial cleanser.
  2. Run your washcloth under warm water and ring it out.
  3. Gently scrub your face and jawline in a circular motion until all makeup is removed.
  4. Rinse and ring out your washcloth, then rinse your face again to ensure all cleanser is removed.


Are There Any Risks Of Using A Washcloth?

Yes, while washcloths are safe and effective for all skin types, they can harbor bacteria. So, only use each washcloth once, then launder it—but don’t put it in the laundry hamper wet.


After you cleanse your face, rinse, ring out, and hang your washcloth to dry. If you don’t hang your washcloth when it’s wet, bacteria will grow. Thinner materials such as microfiber will dry much faster than standard towel sets. Once dry, put your washcloth in your laundry hamper.  


Don’t Like Using Washcloths?

If using a washcloth or washable cotton round isn’t the right fit for you, consider cleansing daily with the MBK Volero Silicon Brush. Just like a washcloth, it provides a deeper and more effective clean and it gently exfoliates. However, it may irritate rosacea or eczema. The gentle vibration also boosts circulation and feels good.

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