Moisture Balance—The Key To Optimal Skin Function

It’s easy to forget, but our skin is our body’s largest organ. It’s the first line of defense against external harm. While it’s powerful, it’s sensitive. There are a variety of changes we can make to our lifestyle and skincare routine to support optimal skin function. At the top of this list is maintaining moisture balance, which has the added benefit of antiaging.

How Our Skin Functions?

The outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, is 64% water and 15% lipids. When healthy, this layer is soft, smooth, and supple. Our lifestyle habits and skincare routine can damage our epidermis, leaving it tight, dry, and weak.

With the right moisture balance your skin:

  • Provides a protective barrier
  • Minimizes bacterial growth
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Maintains elasticity
  • Develops fewer fine lines

The Difference Between Dry Skin And Dehydrated Skin?

The two terms are often utilized interchangeably, but dry skin is a skin type, and dehydrated is a lack of moisture. However, your skin can be both dry and dehydrated. If your skin is dehydrated, you need to address the dehydration internally and externally.

How Oily Skin Can Be A Sign Of Dehydration?

Oily is also a skin type, but excessive oil and an oily T-Zone may be a sign of dehydration. When the skin on your face is dehydrated, it will over-produce oil in an attempt to protect and rebalance. By restoring the moisture balance, you can minimize your visible oil.

How pH Balance Can Zap Your Skin’s Moisture?

If you are properly moisturizing your skin but it remains dehydrated, it could be due to your pH balance. Factors such as harsh skincare products, weather, external toxins, and hormonal imbalances can leave your skin alkaline instead of balanced.

How To Restore Moisture Externally?

Begin by investing in head-to-toe skincare and beauty products that are derived from natural oils, butters, and moisturizers. While trending products smell great and look pretty, they aren’t always made with premium ingredients.

Always apply body lotion after you shower, apply hand lotion and lip balm throughout the day, and follow the skincare routine below for your face.

  1. Cleanse every morning and evening.
  2. Apply toner directly after cleansing.
  3. Apply a nourishing facial and eye serum.
  4. Apply a hydrating facial moisturizer.
  5. Layer on broad-spectrum SPF protection.
  6. Apply your preferred makeup.

We suggest Methode Brigette Kettner’s Aqua Pure Collection for this routine. It is moisture-rich, works for multiple skin types, and is formulated with ingredients that are backed by science.

How To Restore Moisture Internally?

If your skin is dehydrated externally, you are likely dehydrated internally. These changes to your lifestyle and daily routine will help.

  • Increase your water and electrolyte intake.
  • Add more Omega fatty acids to your diet.
  • Use a humidifier when the air is dry.
  • Cover your skin when in harsh weather.
  • Apply full-body sunscreen when in direct sunlight.
  • Shower with water that is warm, not hot.

How To Personalize Your MBK Skincare Routine?

Our Aqua Pure Line is our most popular collection, but you can swap in or out products from our Classic Line to address your individual skincare needs. As your skin matures, you can mix in our Age Reversal products.


Aqua Pure

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