Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is a commitment, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The easier your skincare routine is, the more likely you will stick to it. The tips below will help you create a routine that is simplified and personalized.

#1 Stop Chasing The Fads

While it’s always fun to try new products, treatments, and devices—there’s no need to try them all. Not only is it expensive to try every new fad, but fads rarely address your individual needs. So, determine what your skin care concerns are, and invest in quality products, devices, and treatments that address them. Just remember that your skin care needs will be different in different weather (winter vs. summer) and by age and season of life.

#2 Get Professional Input

You don’t have to go it alone! Since your skincare needs are evolving, it is essential to have a go-to dermatologist, esthetician, and makeup artist. Head to the dermatologist at least once per year and the esthetician and makeup artist as needed. This will minimize your beauty investments as they will advise on personalized skincare products, treatments, devices, and your daily routine. 

#3 Create A Step-by-Step Routine

Skincare products should be selected by your skin type and individual skincare needs. Test new products for at least 6 weeks to determine if they are right for you—that is unless they irritate your skin. Contrary to popular belief, skincare products and beauty treatments should not hurt.

  1. Cleanse every morning and evening.
  2. Apply toner directly after cleansing.
  3. Apply a nourishing facial and eye serum.
  4. Apply a hydrating facial moisturizer.
  5. Layer on broad-spectrum SPF protection.
  6. Apply your preferred makeup.

#4 Invest In Long-Wear Formulas

If you wear makeup, invest in long-wear formulas that stay put. This will minimize the amount of time you spend reapplying makeup throughout the day. Just be mindful that long-wear lipsticks, mascara, and topical products are more difficult to remove at the end of the day. Double cleansing will help to dissolve these long-lasting products.

#5 Consider Semi-Permanent Makeup

There is an exciting new generation of semi-permanent makeup that is ideal for both those who prefer a natural look and those who prefer full-on glam. These products shorten the time you spend applying and removing makeup each day.

A few options to consider include:

  • Lash extensions mean no more applying mascara.
  • Lash lift or curl makes your natural lashes look longer.
  • Lash or brow tinting means no more mascara or brow makeup.
  • Semi-permanent brows, eyeliner, and lipstick look subtle and natural.

How Methode Brigette Kettner Can Help?

We hope you will consider MBK’s skincare products and beauty devices when personalizing and simplifying your skincare routine. Our products are formulated utilizing ingredients that have scientifically proven benefits. This includes condition-specific products for everything from dry skin to irritated skin, acne, puffy eyes, mature skin, and more.


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