What Is Toner And Do I Really Need To Use It?

If you like to keep your skincare routine simple, you may be wondering if you really need to use toner. While it might not look like much, toner is essential for balanced and healthy skin. It’s a step that many men and women skip, and it may be just what you need to address or minimize skincare issues such as oil, acne, irritation, oversized pores, and dry and rough skin.

Why Do I Need Toner?

Skin is naturally acidic. This helps to protect you from bacteria that can dry and irritate your skin. Your acid layer also supports your skin’s protective layer (sebum) from producing the appropriate amount of oil. Too much oil and you will be more acne prone, not enough and your skin will be rough or dry.

Your genetics, lifestyle, environmental toxins, nutrition, fluctuating hormones, and skin care products can leave your skin “unbalanced”.

What Is Balanced Skin?

Balanced skin is soft, smooth, and hydrated. Ideally, it is neither oily or dry—but this will vary depending on your skin type.

For balanced skin, regardless of skin type, your pH should be between 4.7 and 5.75. If your pH is lower, it is too acidic. If it is higher, it is alkaline.

Alkaline Skin—if your skin is dry and rough instead of smooth and twice-daily moisturizer isn’t improving your skin condition, your skin is likely alkaline. This increases your risk of eczema, acne, and skin infections. 

Acidic Skin—if your skin is excessively oily and oil reappears quickly after you blot, your skin is likely too acidic. This increases your risk for acne and irritation, and you may age prematurely as your skin is not able to effectively heal and repair.   

How Toner Helps To Balance Your Skin?

Whether your skin is acid or alkaline, toner balances your skin. It also preps your skin so that it better absorbs your serum and moisturizer. If your skin is balanced, it keeps your skin balanced.

Some toners are water-based and some are lotion-based. Just ensure that your toner is alcohol-free, as the alcohol won’t balance your skin. Instead, it will dry and irritate your skin. 

How To Use Toner?

Toners are part of a 6-step AM and PM skincare routine. Even if you use a lotion toner, you still need to follow up with serum and moisturizer.

The 6-step skincare routine is as follows:

  1. Exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 days a week.
  2. Wash your face every morning and evening.
  3. Apply an alcohol-free toner after patting your face dry.
  4. Apply serum 20 seconds after your toner.
  5. Apply an AM or PM moisturizer 20 seconds after or once your serum is dry. 
  6. (AM) Finish with sunscreen.

Can You Apply Toner On And Around Your Eyes?

Only if it doesn’t contain alcohol. The skin underneath the eyes and on the eyelids is extremely thin. So, you must only apply products that are eye-safe and naturally-derived. While naturally-derived toners can be applied topically on the eyelids and underneath the eyes, they will sting and irritate if they get in your eye.

Looking For A Lotion Toner?

Methode Brigette Kettner has 3 different lotion toners to choose from:

Select the additional skincare products in your 6-step skincare routine based on your skin’s current and evolving needs.


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