What Should Be Included In Your Daily Skincare Routine?

It’s an age-old question, but your daily skincare routine remains fairly the same from your 20s on. However, you will need to evolve your skincare products by the season of the year and your individual skin conditions.

#1 Exfoliate

You should exfoliate your skin from the neck down at least once per week but from the neck up 1 to 3 times per week. This will slough away the acne and oil-causing dead skin that your body has yet to shed. If not regularly removed, this dead skin can accelerate aging.

Yes, our skin naturally self-exfoliates, but between oil, sweat, daily toxins, and makeup—your skin needs a little extra help.

You can use a granular exfoliator, rinse-off exfoliator, or an exfoliating beauty device.

#2 Cleanse

After you exfoliate, feel free to deep cleanse your skin with a rinse-off mask. This will help to extract toxins from deep in your pores.

You will also need to cleanse your face every morning to wash away last night’s skincare products. Wash again every evening to wash away daily oil, grime, sunscreen, makeup, and skincare products.

You may want to double cleanse in the evening, especially if you wear long-lasting makeup formulas.

You can use a cotton round with unrefined olive oil or coconut oil to dissolve fiber mascara formulas.

#3 Tone

Gently pat your face dry after you cleanse, then apply a liquid or lotion toner. Toning is a step that many skip, but it is essential for ensuring your skin’s pH balance.

Skin that isn’t balanced is dry, dull, rough, or red for an unidentified reason. When in doubt, head to your dermatologists to determine the cause of your skin conditions.

#4 Nourish

Wait about 20 seconds after applying your facial toner, then apply a facial serum. Serums are antioxidant-rich and lightweight formulas. Being lightweight, the skin-healthy vitamins within penetrate deep into your pores—which is essential for both proactive and reactive antiaging.

When should I start using serum?

It’s never too early, but definitely begin using serum in your mid-20s or as soon as the visible signs of aging begin to show.

#5 Moisturize

Wait another 20 seconds or so, then apply a facial moisturizer. While also antioxidant-rich, moisturizers hydrate your skin. They are thicker and creamier than serums, providing an all-day protective moisture layer.

What’s the difference between AM and PM Moisturizers?

PM moisturizers are often thicker, creamier, and have more antioxidants. This is because your skin heals and repairs while you sleep.

Do I need both eye and face serums and moisturizers?

Yes! Again, it’s never too early to begin using eye serum and moisturizer, but definitely as soon as you begin to see fine lines or experience puffiness or dark circles.

#6 Sunscreen

The only thing that ages your skin more than the sun is smoking. So, in the mornings, layer a broad-spectrum facial sunscreen on about 30 seconds after you apply moisturizer. Or wear makeup with SPF protection built in, which most formulas now include! 

#6 Makeup

Once your skin is clean, nourished, and moisturized you can apply a primer and foundation, or just a foundation and your makeup of choice.  

If you prefer a natural look, consider an SPF-tinted moisturizer or translucent powder.

#7 Personalize

Personalize your skincare routine with the tips below:

  • Consider a monthly deep cleansing facial.
  • Do at-home or spa beauty treatments.
  • Use sheet masks or overnight masks.
  • Apply condition-specific moisturizers.

Check back to the MBK blog soon for additional skincare tips!

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