How Microcurrent works and how to do it at home

Microcurrent skincare treatments deliver rapid and positive antiaging results. They work by sending 100% painless, low-frequency electrical currents deep into our skin, igniting the body’s natural healing abilities. All you will feel is a warm and soothing effect, with no redness, irritation, or side effects.

How Do Anti-Aging Microcurrents Work?

The currents boost collagen production and mimic the natural process of ATP which is the cellular energy required to heal and repair. ATP and collagen production slows down as we age resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. With the MBK Eye Rejuvenator, you can use microcurrents at home for your eyes, lip line, and jawline. In addition to delivering microcurrents, the warming effect allows your beauty serum to deeply penetrate your skin, optimizing its antiaging effect.

When Not To Use The Eye Rejuvenator

The Eye Rejuvenator can be a part of your daily beauty routine without adding on too much extra time. Use it once or twice daily, for just 60 to 90 seconds on each area. However, there are a few times you should not use microcurrents:

  • Do not use if you have a sunburn or have recently sunbathed.
  • Do not use on skin that is irritated in any way: acne, breakouts, rosacea, eczema, or inflammation.
  • Do not use directly after cosmetic procedures without approval from your aesthetician or plastic surgeon.
  • Do not use if you are using skin-thinning medication such as Accutane, steroids, or Tretinoin, or Retin-A.
  • Do not use the Eye Rejuvenator while charging.
  • The Eye Rejuvenator is not waterproof so do not rinse it, submerge it in water, or use it in the shower.

How To Use The MBK Eye Rejuvenator?

This fast and easy 7 step process is all you need to start your daily antiaging microcurrent therapy.

  1. It only takes 4 to 5 hours for a full charge. You’ll know it’s charged when the red light stops blinking.
  2. Wipe the titanium tip down with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol before using the first time and in-between use.
  3. Wash and tone your face and apply your preferred antiaging serum to your treatment area, either under your eye, above your eye, upper lip, lower lip, or jawline.
  4. Turn the power on by holding the On/Off button for half a second. The blue indicator will stop flashing when it’s turned on. It will automatically turn off on its own after use.
  5. Position the Eye Rejuvenator in your hand ensuring that your hand makes direct contact with the silver contact plate, otherwise, it will automatically power down while in use.
  6. Glide gently over your treatment area for 60 to 90 seconds as instructed in this video. Be sure to rest on each acupressure point for 3 to 5 seconds. The treatment will warm to your body temperature feeling soothing and 100% painless.
  7. Continue with your AM or PM beauty routine as usual.

How Long Will Results Take?

You will feel wonderful after each treatment, making microcurrent therapy an ideal way to start or end your day. It’s an at-home anti-aging tool for both men and women. Visible results will take 7 to 10 days with consistent use, and will include:

  • Minimizing fine lines around the eyes and lips
  • Minimizing wrinkles around the eyes and lips
  • Decreased eye puffiness
  • Brightening tired eyes
  • Oxygenating skin to minimize dark circles
  • Increasing the firmness of your jawline

Use daily for at least the first 3 weeks then you can use every other day ongoing, or continue with daily use. Here’s to aging with grace!

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