Unlock the Secret to Youthful Skin: Discover Why You Need to Include an Anti-Aging Night Cream in Your Skincare Routine

Your approach to anti-aging must be both proactive and reactive. Using antioxidant-rich formulas in your teens and 20s is proactive. By your mid-20s it’s time to add an anti-aging night repair cream to your daily routine. From then on, you’ll need to make additional adjustments to personalize your skincare seasonally and as your skin continues to mature. Below we take a look at the benefits of MBK’s Anti-Aging Tonight Cream.  

When Do I Need To Adjust My Skincare Products? 

It would be ideal if you could find a skincare routine that works and stick with it long-term. However, your skin’s needs change and evolve, so you’ll need to adjust your skincare products accordingly.

  • You may require a different combination of skincare products in the summer and winter.
  • Serums should be added to your skincare routine once fine lines begin to form, or before as a proactive approach.
  • As fine lines or deeper wrinkles set in, you’ll need to transition to an anti-aging routine.
  • You may develop hyperpigmentation while pregnant or as your hormones fluctuate.
  • Condition-specific products need to be used for dark circles, puffiness, inflammation, and more.

What Makes Night Creams Different Than Day Creams?

Generally speaking, day creams are designed to be lighter weight. They deliver antioxidants and moisture, and often a bit of UV protection. They are easy to layer primer, foundation, powder, and makeup over.

PM creams are thicker and creamier than day creams and are designed to provide a restorative moisture barrier while you sleep. Sleep is when your skin naturally repairs and corrects damage. So, night creams provide additional antioxidants to accelerate restoration. They often have ingredients that stimulate natural collagen production.

What’s In MBK’s Tonight Cream?

Methode Brigette Kettner’s Tonight Cream is formulated for maximum overnight restoration and repair. Use at the first sign of fine lines, or as a proactive approach before lines or wrinkles form. It’s also ideal for sensitive and mature skin of any skin type.

  • Myrrh Oil Extract—moisturizes, tightens, and tones skin.
  • Gotu Kola—hydrates and detoxifies skin for cellular repair.
  • Hyaluronic Acid—plumps skin and provides a natural glow.
  • Hydroxyproline Complex—stimulates the natural production of collagen.
  • Jojoba Oil—fades scars, soothes inflammation, and detoxifies skin.
  • Panthenol—hydrates skin and helps retain moisture all night long.
  • Squalene—locks in moisture and provides a protective skin barrier.
  • Vitamin E—fades scars, minimizes inflammation, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Should You Apply A Skincare Serum Before Your PM Moisturizer?

For maximum anti-aging and restorative benefits, you should apply serum first. Serums and moisturizers perform two different functions.

Serums—are ultra-thin and antioxidant-rich formulas that are designed to penetrate your pores. They nourish, but they don’t hydrate or moisturize.

Moisturizers—are creamy and moisture-rich formulas that hydrate and protect your skin. While antioxidant-rich they don’t penetrate your skin as well as serums.

Cleanse and tone your face before applying serum. Wait 15 to 30 seconds and layer your moisturizer on top.

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