Different Types Of Skin Cleansers

You must cleanse the oil from your face each morning, the sweat from your skin after you work out, and the makeup, skincare products, oil, and daily toxins from your face build up at the end of each day. With so many different types of skin cleansers to choose from, you might not be sure which one is right for you. These tips will help.


Bar Soaps


Most bar soaps aren’t non-comedogenic, are too harsh to use on your face, and should only be used from the neck down. Bar soaps formulated for the more sensitive skin on your face must be stored on or in a soap saver. This doesn’t just keep the bar from melting in your shower but keeps the active ingredients properly mixed.


Creamy Cleansers


Creamy cleansers are ultra-gentle and often formulated with a blend of naturally-derived oils. They are the perfect year-round cleanser for sensitive skin, a gentle option for winter when your skin is prone to drying out, and are ideal as the first step in your double cleansing routine. Safe for all skin types, you may prefer the soft and creamy feel.


Foaming Cleansers


Foaming cleansers are light and refreshing. They aren’t thick, but their foamy consistency dissolves makeup and oil. They can be used year-round, are a lighter cleanser for summer, and are ideal as the second step in your double cleansing routine. Safe for all skin types, but ideal for dehydrated skin.




Toners are often mistaken for cleansers, but they should be applied post-cleansing to restore your skin’s pH balance. If you have dry patches, rough patches, oily areas, or are acne-prone your pH is likely imbalanced. We prefer a lotion toner, followed up by your preferred serum and moisturizer.


Clay Cleansers


Clay masks are nothing new and can be used 1 to 3 times per week after cleansing and exfoliating your face. The clay deep cleanses by extracting toxins and impurities from deep within your pores. While masks are popular, clay is an increasingly common ingredient for daily cleansers. For deep cleansing, you will still require a wash off or peel off clay mask.


Cleansing Tools


There are a variety of daily or weekly deep cleansing tools to choose from. Here is a handful.


Soaking Cloths—soaking cloths made from microfiber or organic cotton or bamboo have replaced the standard washcloth. They are less abrasive than a washcloth and provide gentle exfoliation. Use daily to remove PM makeup and wash between each use.


Cleansing Brushes—soft bristle or silicone cleansing brushes cleanse your skin, massage your face, and improve circulation and blood flow. They can be used daily to remove PM makeup or a few days a week for a deeper clean. As always, be gentle.


Multi-Purpose Devices—the MBK Ultrasonic Spatula is an all-in-one device the deep cleanses, exfoliates, and performs extractions. It gently delivers 28,000 cycles of anti-aging ultrasonic vibrations per second. A fan-favorite of many aestheticians, but safe and easy enough to use at home.


In addition to the type of cleanser you select, ensure it is formulated for your individual skincare needs. 

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